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Static mixers for


Aseptic design

Static mixers from U+A are customized and are particularly characterized by their compact design, the absence of moving parts and the continuous operation. 
With their hygienic design, they offer very good mixing and homogenizing performance and are suitable for numerous tasks in the processing of food and pharmaceuticals in liquid, gaseous and solid form as well as for heat exchange.
They can be dimensioned for almost any volume flow, any density, viscosity and other specific product properties.
For this purpose, U + A has 18 different mixer types available, from helical mixers to non-clogging special designs as well as a large number of aseptic connections.
In connection with the surface-treated inner walls of the pipe and the possibility of soldering the mixing elements in the pipe without gaps, the formation of nests and gaps is almost impossible, so that product residues can be avoided. Thus reduces the cleaning effort to a minimum.
For particularly good visual control of the cleaning removable mixing elements are available.
Even the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry can be met.

Highest surface quality

In special cases, the surface quality of the mixing elements and the inner wall of the pipe is decisive for the product quality. We offer the following surface treatment options, mechanically polished, electrically polished, lapped or honed. For flange connections, U + A offers a seal-free design, here the sealing surfaces are lapped, this means that sealing materials that could possibly be destroyed by chemical or thermal stress can be dispensed with. In connection with surface-treated inner pipe surfaces and the possibility of soldering the mixing elements in the pipe without gaps, the formation of nests and gaps is almost impossible, so that the deposition of the product can be avoided. This reduces the cleaning effort to a minimum.

Mixing elements fixed or removable

In the case of metallic materials, the permanently installed mixing elements can be welded in the pipe or alternativly soldered in the pipe without gaps by using nickel solder, this offers the advantage that there are no nests or gaps for the product to deposit.
Removable elements are placed precisely in the pipe, so the operator has the option of removing the mixing elements for cleaning purposes. 
Which installation variant is suitable for you depends on your application, we would be happy to advise you.

Mischelemente - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Mixing elements fixed or removable

Geometries of mixing elements and their use

U + A is offering various designs of mixing elements.
The selection of the mixing elements and the required number depends on the mixing task.
As possible materials, we offer almost all available stainless steels and plastics in sizes 3 – 2500 mm. 

Some standard forms are presented below.

Wendel-Schneide - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Helical Mixing

Helical Mixing Elements ( the All-rounder) | Helical mixing elements are very suitable for the most applications.
The helical mixing elements generate, by the alternating arrangement of left-and right-handed mixing elements, a reversal of the rotation direction and a current division.
In the process the first mixing element generates two rotating vortices, which are performed simultaneously radially over the pipe cross section. 
On impact with the following mixing element, the first two rotating vortices are splitted into two new vortices which are forced to rotate into the other direction.
This process is repeated until the desired homogeneity is reached.
With this type of mixer, the pressure loss is low in relation to the mixing quality.
The number of elements is calculated specifically for each application.
The installation options for these mixing elements are welded in, soldered using hard solder or removable. The cutting edges can be adapted to the application, so a dead space-free design is possible.

MV Mixing Elements (for fibrous and / or granular components) | The MV mixing elements from U + A are designed in such a way that there is practically no risk of clogging when there is a high proportion of fibrous and / or granular components flowing through them. 
The individual mixing elements form tornado-like swirls which will be interwoven.
Thanks to these excellent properties, it is possible to mix in all kinds of dosing chemicals within a very short time.

MV Mischelemente - U & A GmbH
MV Mixing Elements
MX Mischelement - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
MX-Mixing Elements
MX-Mixing Elements (for intensive mixing of highly viscous products over a short distance) | MX mixing elements are ideal for intensive mixing of viscous to high-viscosity laminar product flows over a short distance. Another application is dispersing gas in liquid into very small droplets. Compared to the spiral mixer, the overall length is short, but the pressure drop is high. Dead spaces are practically unavoidable, so the cleaning effort is high.

SW Mixing Elements ( special helix mixer) | The advatages of the SW Mixing Elements are similar to those of the conventional helix mixer. These mixing elements can also be designed to be permanently integrated or removable. In order to increase the mixing performance with the same design, other changes to the geometry can be made. 

Spezialwendelmischer - U & A Gmbh
SW Mixing Elements
PEW Mischer - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH

PEW mixer (for emulsions or for liquid – gas – dispersion) | The PEW mixing elements are best suited for the production of emulsions or gas-liquid dispersion. The ceramic material used is suitable for most aggressive media. This material is also well suited at high temperatures (for example in exhaust gas cleaning). 

All Mixing – Elements are manufactured specifically for the application.

Production takes place in Germany in order to keep delivery times short and to be able to react quickly to changing customer needs.

We do not only offer mixers, but solutions for our customers, so contact us for creating the best solution to your application.

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static mixers

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Questionnaire Static Mixer

MX Mischer - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Plastic Mixer
Zeichnung - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Steel Mixer with reduction
Gas / liquid
Capacity [m³/h]
Viscosity [mPas]2
Density [kg/m³]2
1 Specify the case of suspension / dust particle size.
2 In operations.

Mixed results

Operating conditions


Alternatively, the enquiry form can be downloaded as a PDF. 

+49 (0) 2262 – 91 341 | +49 (0) 2262 – 91 341 | info@uape.de

Spezification Steam injectors /
Mixing nozzles

Injektor - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH

1. Conditions at the liquid inlet

2. Nominal conditions at the Discharge

3. Heating steam

4. Material

5. Connections

Alternatively, the enquiry form can be downloaded as a PDF. 

+49 (0) 2262 – 91 341 | +49 (0) 2262 – 91 341 | info@uape.de

Heat Exchanger

Wärmetauscher - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Heat Exchanger

Process data

Temperature [°C]
Physical state:
Flow rate [kg / h]
Density [kg / m³] 1
Specific heat capacity [J / kg K]1
Thermal conductivity [W / m K] 1
Pressure [bar] 1
Viscosity [Pa.s] 1
1 1) At medium temperature

Course of the viscosity

Produkt Viskosität [Pa.s]


Alternatively, the enquiry form can be downloaded as a PDF.