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Static mixers for

Special cases

Solid Mixer

The static solids mixer from U+A Process Engineering GmbH offers an economically and process-technically interesting solution for the gentle homogenization of free-flowing solids such as grains, foodstuffs, granules, color pigments, types of powder and much more. With this static mixer, almost all free-flowing solids can be mixed together.
The solids mixer guarantees consistent mixing quality in free fall without a motor drive.
Since it has no moving parts, it is practically maintenance-free with a very high level of production reliability.
Existing systems can be upgraded with reasonable effort, since the construction is compact and the installation height is low.
The solids mixers are specifically designed for each individual customer application. 
As possible materials we offer almost all available stainless steels and plastics in sizes DN 15 – DN 2000 .
Especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries the mixers can also be manufactured in a nickel-soldered, polished or coated design.
The static solid mixers from U+A Process Engineering GmbH are installed vertically and charged with the components to be mixed via one or more dosing systems.
The functional principle of the solids mixer follows that of our helical static mixers, in which the individual helix mixing elements are offset from one another by 90 °.
The helical mixing elements generate, by the alternating arrangement of left-and right-handed mixing elements, a reversal of the rotation direction and a current division.
In the process the first mixing element generates two rotating vortices, which are performed simultaneously radially over the pipe cross section.
On impact with the following mixing element, the first two rotating vortices are splitted into two new vortices which are forced to rotate into the other direction.This process is repeated until the desired homogeneity is reached.
Due to the design, this type of construction guarantees radial flow conduction over the pipe cross-section and thus satisfactory mixing results even at low flow velocities. In this way, mixtures with very different proportions (mixing ratios> 1: 1000) of the individual components can be implemented in the finished mixture.
As standard, the mixers are made of stainless steel, but all suitable plastics or special materials can also be used if required. For products where sticking or agglomeration is conceivable, a vibration module can be integrated as a remedy.

The areas of application are in plastics production for mixing different granulates, adding masterbatches, regranulates or other polymers, or very small amounts of additives required for further processing.

In the food industry, the applications are in the mixing of different solids of all kinds. On the one hand, candies of different flavors and colors or chocolate buttons, on the other hand, the ingredients of ready meals and ceral mixes are mixed before preparation. In these applications, different requirements are always placed on the mixer, which, however, are met by a suitable design.

Furthermore, static solid mixers have proven themselves in the agricultural industry (mixing of seeds etc.) and in the building materials industry for any powdery mixtures (for example admixture of color pigments, additives and additives) because of the consistent mixing quality and high production reliability.

The typical applications are in all areas in which constant mixing is required in-line; here, due to the further development of the mixing elements, a constant throughput is not necessary.

The following advantages should be mentioned:

  • Favorable price / performance ratio
  • Low-wear and practically maintenance-free, as there are no moving parts
  • Predictable mix results
  • Removable mixing elements possible
  • Sterile-technical and polished execution possible
  • Self-cleaning design possible due to the design without dead space
  • short delivery time
Solid Mixer

Special mixer without dead space

The static mixer without dead space from U + A Process Engineering GmbH offers an economically and process-technically interesting solution for gentle homogenization in the pharmaceutical, food and plastics industries. Thanks to the special surface treatment of the inner wall of the pipe and the mixing elements, product contamination through deposits practically can be ruled out. Furthermore, better cleaning is possible, which is indispensable for products with purity requirements, as well as for frequently changing batches. The mentioned dead space free design is achieved by a further development of the mixing element. The high surface quality in connection with innovative cutting edge geometry results in an optimized flow behavior in laminar and turbulent flow. Achieving the desired plug-flow effect through radial current conduction is optimized in this way, this behavior is also useful when heating or cooling highly viscous media such as plastic melts or butter. U + A mixers can be installed in double tube or tube bundle heat exchangers in which, for example, steam, water or thermal oil can be used as heating / cooling medium. Conclusion: In connection with surface-treated inner pipe walls and the possibility of soldering the mixing elements in the pipe without gaps, there are no nests or gaps for product residues to be deposited and the cleaning effort is almost zero. The mixers are specifically designed for each individual customer application and can be supplied with all conceivable connections. As possible materials we offer almost all available stainless steels in sizes DN 15 – DN 2000.

Anti-blocking Static Mixer

The static mixer type MV is the practical solution for streams containing fibers and solids and has proven itself for over 10 years. 
Its areas of application are primarily in drinking and wastewater treatment, as well as in the food and pulp industry.

Thanks to its special mixing element geometry the static mixer type MV is working reliably and without clogging even under extreme conditions, for example with long fibers carried in the liquid flow.
The individual mixing elements are creating massive radial flow components and tornado-like swirl in the flow.
The MV mixing elements are designed in such a way that there is practically no risk of clogging when there is a high proportion of fibrous or granular components flowing through them. Thanks to these excellent properties, it is possible to mix in all kinds of dosing chemicals within a very short time.
Well-engineered injection techniques are available for dosing particularly small quantities or very high viscosity.
Due to the high mixing intensity of type MV as well as the use of high-quality dosing techniques in special cases, the user can get by with smaller quantities of chemicals, thus product consumption and operating costs can be reduced.

MV Mischer
MV Mixer

Operation as Heat Exchanger
The MV mixer can also be used as a heat exchanger in the form of a double-walled tube.
The rotating flow guidance created by the clogging-free mixing elements causes an increase in heat transfer that is gentle on the product and ensures the reduction of temperature gradients, in addition the product is mixed very homogeneously.
The mixing of additives into digested sludge in sewage treatment plants or the gentle introduction of pieces of fruit into yoghurt, as well as the pulp industry with its fibrous product streams, can be named as application examples.

Fine-bubble Gas- / Liquid dispersion with static mixers

For the generation of small gas bubble diameters in liquids, U + A Process Engineering GmbH offers an economically and process-technically interesting solution consisting of a combination of static mixer and injector. 
This combination improves the quality of the dispersion even with fluctuating volume flow.
Since both devices do not contain any moving parts, they are durable and easy to clean.
The combination will be specifically designed for each application.
As possible materials we offer almost all available stainless steels and plastics in sizes DN 15 – DN 2000.
Especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries, we also offer mixers and injectors in nickel-soldered or polished versions. 

For the entry of small amounts of gas | U + A offers a combination in which the gas is metered directly into the main flow through an upstream injector or a lance system with an injector.
Tests have shown that gas bubble diameters smaller than 1 mm can be generated in the injector. The downstream static mixer has the task of further reducing the size of the gas bubbles, preventing their growth, creating reaction time and optimizing the distribution in the medium. As the flow rate increases, the bubble diameter decreases and the reaction area increases.

For the entry of large amounts of gas | U + A offers a complete dispersing system.
This consists of a main mixer, a bypass pump, a Venturi injector and a premixer.
In this system, a bypass pump takes a bypass flow from the main flow, which sucks in the gas by means of the venturi injector and premixes it in the premixer. After this process, the mixture is fed to the main flow mixer, where it is mixed further. So the gas-liquid reaction can be completed.
The above versions offer many possible uses, for example in the ozone treatment of swimming pool water, the entry of oxygen in biotechnology, drinking water purification or for chemical reaction technology. Here in particular, toxic, reactive and expensive gases are often used, the consumption of which must be kept as low as possible for reasons of cost.

Channel mixer

Channel mixer of U + A are customized and particularly characterized by their compact design and the absence of moving parts.
The advantage of a channel mixer is its open design, where the mixing elements are always quickly accessible for cleaning purposes.
The size can be individually adapted to the respective conditions.
In the case of large volume flows (e.g. in seawater desalination plants), the mixing elements can be inserted directly into a concrete channel in a suitable form.

The constructiv design takes place in cooperation with our experienced project managers.

Kanalmischer - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Channel mixer

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MX Mischer - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Plastic Mixer
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Steel Mixer with reduction
Gas / liquid
Capacity [m³/h]
Viscosity [mPas]2
Density [kg/m³]2
1 Specify the case of suspension / dust particle size.
2 In operations.

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2. Nominal conditions at the Discharge

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Heat Exchanger

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Wärmetauscher - Statische Mischer von U & A GmbH
Heat Exchanger

Process data

Temperature [°C]
Physical state:
Flow rate [kg / h]
Density [kg / m³] 1
Specific heat capacity [J / kg K]1
Thermal conductivity [W / m K] 1
Pressure [bar] 1
Viscosity [Pa.s] 1
1 1) At medium temperature

Course of the viscosity

Produkt Viskosität [Pa.s]


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